Slydigs for #rockfueled

Meet the first band performing on our exclusive moving stage, 100% pure rock’n’roll.

About the band

The story of Slydigs didn’t start with lonely musicians answering an ad in a newspaper; it didn’t start in some rented practice rooms with four strangers looking at each other, this band sprang from the roots of desperation where only the love of music can pull you through. When a gang of rag tag scallywags looked at their meagre lot and 'got their shit together.'
Ten years before the Guitars, before the gigs, before the guest lists, this band fought laughed and cried together. They are brothers and you can see it, feel it, hear it in every note. They have a zest for life that shines through with every chord they play and sing. Songs that are relevant no matter where you come from or what social class you belong to.

Members: Dean Fairhurst (Vocals, Guitar), Louis Menguy (Lead Guitar), Pete Fleming (Drums), Ben Breslin (Bass)


Being #rockfueled isn’t just a motto: that’s why we prepared six special sessions airing directly from a Jeep Compass, performed on the most iconic roads of London, by the new blood of rock in Europe.